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Wedding Stationery Guide

We understand at Paperchain just how much time and effort planning for your big day can take, therefore we have put together a useful guide to assist you with ordering your wedding stationery.

What does wedding stationery consist of?

Paperchain offers a full range of wedding stationery including:

  • Save the date cards – these are mailed out in advance of your wedding invites.
  • Day and evening wedding invitations – these formally invite your guests to your wedding day, either to the full days events or just the evening reception.
  • RSVP cards – RSVP cards are sent with your wedding invitations and pre-addressed with your details making it easy for your guests to respond to your invite.
  • Order of the day – this gives your guests a special keep sake of the day and provides an outline of the days events.
  • Order of service – this gives your guests a programme of your wedding ceremony and can include all readings and hymns etc.
  • Menu – menus can be useful to inform guests of the wedding breakfast etc.
  • Table place names – so each guest knows exactly where they are sitting (as you well may have carefully placed your guests in strategic positions!).
  • Table numbers – these are simply for your guests to easily find the table they are sitting.
  • Thank you cards – finally to thank your guests for helping to make your day so special.

Paperchain is happy to help with any additional stationery items or requirements you may have.

When should I send out Invites?

Wedding invitations should be mailed out so that your guests will receive them at least eight weeks prior to your wedding. This will allow your guests enough time to make travel plans etc. and return the RSVP card you included with your wedding invitation. Typically the respond by date should be four weeks prior to your wedding date. This should allow you enough time to make your final detailed preparations.

What about sending out Save the Date Cards?

Depending upon time scales and format of your wedding, you may wish to send out a save the date card in advance of the wedding invites. These can be sent out up to a year in advance, this will help to secure your guests at your wedding.

How long does it take to receive my wedding stationery?

Once the designs and details are finalised we will produce a proof of the wedding stationery for your approval.

Once you have confirmed to us that you are happy with the design and details, we will ensure that your order is with you within 10 working days.

In our experience, the whole procedure from your initial enquiry with Paperchain to receiving your finished wedding stationery usually takes around 3 weeks. However these time scales vary from client to client.

Is it acceptable to include my wedding gift details in the wedding invitation?

In our experience we have found that more and more people prefer to include wedding gift details within their invitations, giving their guest all of the information they need at one time.

What information should we be giving our guests with the wedding invitation?

It is your wedding day and your wedding invitation, and today it is much more acceptable to include everything your guests need to know about your big day. This can be directions to wedding venue and reception, details of overnight accommodation and wedding gift details etc.

Make sure you have the correct postage stamp on your envelopes

All of our  wedding invitations can be sent using 1st or 2nd class stamps.

Format of wedding stationery

All of our wedding invitations are available in different sizes and formats. Take a look at the available wedding stationery formats.