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Personalised menu and place card

A great new product designed to help every wedding day run more smoothly.

If your wedding breakfast has a menu that that been pre-ordered by your guests then this could be perfect for you. Often when guests have pre-ordered food there will always be a couple that can’t remember what they ordered or even worse seem to remember that they ordered something different to what they are being served.

We have a new combined product that won’t cost the earth and will make for the smooth efficient running of your big day. Our combined place card and personalised menu shows each guest where they are to be seated and also what they are having for the wedding breakfast.

They can be two sided, designed to lay on the table setting in front of the guest, or 4 sided, designed to free stand on the table.

With place cards priced at £0.75p and menus at £2.00, they are great value starting at £1.50 each for the DL 2 sided version.


Menu and Place Card