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Wedding Invite Formats

Wedding Invitation formats

At Paperchain we offer a wide range of wedding invitation formats. We  colour match the designs to complement your wedding theme and offer a range of sizes and formats. We can change any of the text on our designs and we will layout your words so that they have a designed and bespoke look. This can also be useful for having different sized cards for the day and evening guests – it also helps to manage the cost of your wedding. All of our wedding invitations are available in four formats:

  • DL – 6 page : This is a rectangular invitation. It is normally used for Day and Evening wedding invitations and can accommodate lots of information about your wedding.
  • Square – 4 page : This is a traditional gate fold card, and can be used for either the day or evening invitations. It can also accommodate lots of information about your wedding.
  • DL – 4 Page : This format is a traditional four page  wedding invitation and can be used as a day or evening wedding invitation, it has less space than the above formats.
  • Single leaf : These are two sided wedding invitations, available as Square or DL  cards and tend to be used mainly for evening guests wedding invitations.

The formats can be seen below:

wedding invitation formats