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Wedding Stationery Dilemma

Who to invite to your wedding?

You are engaged and blissfully happy, and have now started the difficult task of getting together your guest list. This is often where the difficulty starts.

  • who do you invite to your full day event?
  • who do you invite to your evening reception?
  • do family members come before friends?

When planning a big event like a wedding there is always pressure to invite ‘the cousin that you barey know’ or ‘the bridesmaid’s boyfriend’. Know one ever wants to hurt peoples feelings but you do need to remember that it is ‘your’ day, and you should always invite who you want to, although sometimes this can be easier said than done.

One couple from Melbourne, Austraila had a very novel way of deciding how many people they should invite to their wedding – their solution was via statistical modelling! A very interesting solution and it seemed to work for them. See the full BBC article here.

Once you have decided on who come to what event and have received all of your RSVPs, you can start the difficult task of deciding who will sit next to who during your wedding breakfast, sounds simple but is so often one of the most difficult parts of planning that the bride and groom have.

Sending RSVP cards with invitations will speed up the process of receiving your RSVPs, so that you don’t have to chanse guests for their replies. At Paperchain we do understand how difficult family politics can be  and try to be as helpful as possible in making very last minute charges to table plans!!

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